Dr. Shawn Halvorson

I grew up on a farm outside of a small town about 2 hours northwest of Fargo – who’s heard of Pekin, ND? I participated in every sport my school offered, but especially enjoyed basketball and football. After graduating high school I attended UND for undergrad. While there I knew I wanted to go into the health field, but I also knew that I wanted to be my own boss. I decided to become a chiropractor (dentist was a close second) and chose to attend UND. I was also very fortunate to have met my beautiful wife while at UND while pursuing my degree in Biology/Pre-Med.

After graduating from UND I enrolled at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN. While there I was exposed to a plethora of new thoughts and ideas regarding healthcare. Perhaps the most important personal change was a powerful paradigm shift in my perspective of what health and wellness were. I studied hard, graduated with Honors, and have continued til this day to be a life-long learner of health.

After graduating my wife and I decided we wanted to move with our new baby girl closer to families, so we chose Fargo as our new home. We have no regrets and love this town. I’ve even grown fond of Bison sports, even though it makes me feel a little guilty.

In my spare time I enjoy being active in a variety of ways such as running, stand-up paddle boarding, snowboarding, lifting weights, basketball, playing with my kids, and going for walks outside. I’ve even gotten into Yoga since being asked to teach anatomy several years ago for a Yoga certification course. I’ve found it improves my posture, balance, breathing, stress, and of course flexibility. Besides being physically active I enjoy reading (especially about health topics), hunting, watching Jeopardy!, watching movies with my family, traveling, and trying new things to do and new things to eat. If there is anything else you’d like to know about me don’t be afraid to ask.